Rubber Bumpers Protect Industrial Battery Chargers From Vibrations

Rubber Bumper Uses

The batteries that power industrial-strength machines also need the right battery charger. When operating correctly, these chargers can extend battery life through optimum power management. To keep these battery chargers accurate, use Budwig’s thermoplastic rubber bumpers to protect against shocks and vibrations. Our durable feet are impact-resistant and have non-marking…

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Thermosets and Thermoplastics

Round Rubber Bumpers

Thermosets and Thermoplastics are polymers.  A polymer is a chain of units of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and/or silicon.  Natural polymers which appear in nature are, tree saps that produce amber, tar, shellac, and even animal horns. The main difference between thermoset and thermoplastic based products is that thermoset products are…

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Printers Have Rubber Feet


Printers are generally sensitive pieces of electronics. If not properly secured, internal hardware is susceptible to being rattled loose, which can lead to complicated issues. However, fastening Budwig’s shock-absorbent rubber feet to your printer will provide the ultimate protection. Often times, competitors choose to outsource their parts and materials, ultimately…

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Rubber Feet on Microscopes

Because of its delicate nature, scientific equipment has required the utmost care. Any damage to hardware could compromise the device’s precision and repairs could quickly grow expensive. Microscopes particularly need to be protected in order to sustain the accuracy of its lenses as well as the stability of its moving…

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