Rubber Bumpers Protect Industrial Battery Chargers From Vibrations

Rubber Bumpers Protect Industrial Battery Chargers From VibrationsThe batteries that power industrial-strength machines also need the right battery charger. When operating correctly, these chargers can extend battery life through optimum power management. To keep these battery chargers accurate, use Budwig’s thermoplastic rubber bumpers to protect against shocks and vibrations.

Our durable feet are impact-resistant and have non-marking qualities to keep your battery chargers secure and balanced.  Get in touch today to see how our recessed rubber bumpers can benefit your battery charger.

Budwig Company, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of quality thermoplastic rubber bumpers, recessed bumpers and plastic bumpers. Our rubber bumpers provide excellent traction, exceptional shock absorption, superb resistance to stress cracking and unlike natural rubber have superior non-marking qualities as well. All Budwig rubber bumpers are available in basic grey and black but can be produced in different custom made colors based on your requirements.  Contact Us Today.