Not Sure What Bumper Feet to Order?

Rubber Bumpers and Plastic FeetYou are designing a new product, and you want to incorporate plastic bumper feet. How exciting! In the design stage, you’ll need to figure out the answers to a lot of tricky questions. How big should the plastic bumpers be? Would round feet work better than square feet? What type of plastic composite should the bumper feet be made of?

So many questions, and if you get it wrong, your product may not be as sleek and functional as you like. Not to worry! At Budwig Molded Products, our friendly and highly knowledgeable account managers can work with you to help determine the best plastic bumpers for your product. We offer bumper feet in many different sizes and in several different standard shapes and colors.

If you need something a little more customized, we can do that too. We can manufacture rubber bumpers in custom sizes, colors, and shapes, and we can even make the plastic harder or softer to meet your needs.

Don’t struggle with these difficult design questions alone. Give us a call and let’s work together to make your product a future best seller.