We Manufacture Rubber Bumpers Big and Small

Rubber Bumpers Big and SmallOur round and square rubber bumpers are used on all sorts of items, including things as small as a coaster and as big as a major appliance. Manufacturers from nearly every type of industry have some use for rubber bumpers, which is why we can produce our bumpers in a range of sizes.

If you need extremely small bumpers, we can produce a round rubber bumper .25 inches high with a diameter of .687 inches. Those won’t work if you need bumpers on massive speakers. For larger items, we can create bumpers 1.625 inches in diameter at a variety of heights.

Still not big or small enough? Not to worry. Give us a call at (858) 549-5050 and tell us about your specific need. We are happy to create custom orders of rubber bumpers in the size you need if your order meets a minimum order amount.