Is It Time to Start Ordering Parts for Your Holiday Inventory?

round-rubber-bumpersThe days are long and hot, and the average person is thinking about weekend barbeques and baseball games…not the holidays. However, if you are a product manufacturer, then the winter holidays are never far from your mind. Long before the first pumpkin or turkey or Santa decoration makes an appearance, you have to be carefully planning to make sure you have enough inventory in stock by the holidays to fulfill all of your holiday orders.

That means now might be just the right time to begin stocking up on the component parts for your products so you can start building your holiday product supply during the summer and fall months. If your products include bumper feet, then give us a call. We can fulfill bumper feet orders large and small quickly and efficiently, so your holiday schedule stays on track.

When the holidays do make it here, you will be ready to fulfill all your orders and enjoy a very merry profit!