Why Made in the U.S.A. Should Be Important to You

Made in the USA Many U.S. consumers look favorably on products made in the United States and are even willing to pay slightly more if they know their money will go towards supporting jobs on their home soil. If you want to be able to proudly label your product “made in the United States,” make sure that applies to all of your product’s component parts as well.

If your product includes plastic feet or plastic bumpers, then consider Budwig Molded Products. We are proud to manufacture all of our products right here in the great city of San Diego, California. When you purchase plastic feet or plastic bumpers from us, you are getting an excellent product and helping to keep jobs in the United States. You are helping to keep the U.S. economy strong.

Contact us today to request free samples of our plastic feet or plastic bumpers for your made-in-the-U.S.A. products. Thank you for your support!