What Color Do You Want Your Bumper Feet to Be?

Colors of Rubber FeetWhen you design a sleek new product, design is everything. You need to make sure that every component matches, as if it were meant to be together. Sophisticated customers will notice if the components of your product don’t match up, especially if the color scheme is inconsistent, even for something as small as the product’s rubber bumper feet.

At Budwig Molded Products we want to ensure that your final product looks spectacular. That is why we can manufacture our bumper feet in a variety of colors. Our standard colors are black and grey, but we can make them in many different colors or even custom design bumper feet just for you for larger orders. We also offer over 30 standard sizes and three different shapes, so you have a very high degree of customization.

Contact us today to request a free sample of our rubber bumper feet or ask us about our color options.