What’s Under the Feet of Your Products?

Rubber Feet Screw ViewA scratched hardwood floor is a sad sight to see. Once that scratch is made, it cannot be undone, and you can bet homeowners won’t look too kindly on the offending product. If you manufacture a product that is meant to stand on the floor of a home or office, you’d better make sure that it is safe for all floor types. That includes sensitive hardwood floors and tiles. Even laminate can get scuffed and scraped.

What happens if a customer tries to push or drag your product to a new location across the floor? Will it leave an ugly scrape and live in infamy for the rest of its days? It doesn’t have to. Just add plastic feet to the bottom of your product. Plastic feet made by Budwig Molded Products will allow your product to move gently over almost all flooring types without any damage or marks.

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