Your Customers Love Their Furniture – Help Protect it From Scratches

Recessed Rubber FeetDelicate glass dining room tables, sturdy oak coffee tables, and beautiful granite countertops are all expensive. No homeowner wants to see their treasured piece of furniture marred by a long, unsightly scrape or scratch. Yet, even small electronic devices can scratch sensitive surfaces if they are dropped onto a table, slid across a counter, or pushed back and forth.

When you are in the planning stage of your latest and greatest product, make sure you consider how this product will interact with different surfaces. Could it cause scratches and ruin furniture? If so, then a simple solution is to add bumper feet to the back of your device. A set of recessed rubber bumper feet will slide harmlessly across all surfaces, including glass, wood, and stone without causing any damage. You can order bumper feet from Budwig Molded Products in multiple colors to match your product and in a variety of different shapes and sizes to compliment your design. You can even choose recessed bumpers that won’t distract from your product’s sleek curves.

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