Plastic Bumpers Hard and Soft

Rubber BumpersPlastic is such an amazing, versatile substance. Depending on what polymers are added and how the plastic it designed, it can be soft and bouncy or hard and brittle. When we design our plastic bumper feet, we recognize that clients need the bumper feet to perform in different ways depending on the product. Some clients need bumper feet to be soft so that they don’t harm sensitive surfaces. Others need hard bumper feet that can handle a lot of abuse.

At Budwig Molded Products, we use the Durometer Shore scale to measure the hardness of our plastic bumper feet. Our stock bumper feet rates an 87 on the Durometer, for a Shore A scale. This roughly equates to the hardness of an in-line roller skate wheel.

We are able to customize the hardness of our bumper feet to fit your specific needs. If you want softer bumper feet, we can manufacture at 73A and 64A. If you need harder materials, we can go all the way to 40D and 50D.

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