Thermosets and Thermoplastics

Thermosets and Thermoplastics are polymers.  A polymer is a chain of units of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and/or silicon.  Natural polymers which appear in nature are, tree saps that produce amber, tar, shellac, and even animal horns. The main difference between thermoset and thermoplastic based products is that thermoset products are…

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Our Small Rubber Bumper Feet

Budwig is a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic rubber feet and has reliably serviced the industry for over 55 years. The company was originally formed by Gilbert Budwig with an emphasis on combining superior products with excellent customer service. We have proudly carried those ideals well into the 21st century and…

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Injection Molded Cable Straps

Cable Straps

Injection Molded Cable Straps In addition to Budwig’s expansive line of recessed rubber bumpers, we also manufacture cable straps. Our cable straps are injection-molded in an ethylene-vinyl that keeps the length of the strap malleable while the ring-ends remain strong.  Budwig currently offers two sizes (4-7-1 & 4-10-2) of straps…

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