Golden Yellow Custom Parts for American Home & Habitat, Inc

American Home & Habitat Inc.Yellow Rubber Bumpers has been in business since 2001 with a focus on industrial, military, and commercial materials that service a variety of industries and uses. In particular, AH&H distributes, converts, and manufactures industrial textile goods that include webbing and strap material, sewing tools, tarps, hose wraps, hardware for straps and luggage, and much more. Their manufacturing campus is based in Sealy, Texas and, like Budwig, is committed to sustaining the endangered market of Made-In-USA items and American standards of quality. And also like Budwig, American Home & Habitat is dedicated to serving the small craftsperson just as much as high-volume distributors.

                When AH&H needed custom rubber feet for their project, Budwig was at-the-ready to meet their needs. Together we designed a custom color run of golden yellow bumpers in a harder durometer.  Traditionally, our standard bumpers are injection-molded in thermoplastic rubber. However, these custom parts are manufactured in polypropylene with a 65D durometer which makes them a hard plastic as opposed to a semi-hard rubber. Ordering your parts in polypropylene has its advantages but it ultimately depends on your application. Some of these hard plastic advantages include being waterproof and not needing the inserted steel support bushing, which means you’ll never need to worry about rust on the inside of the barrel. The 65D—65 being the hardness in a Shore D scale—means that each piece is hard enough to prevent screws from tearing through the center. Budwig synthesizes its parts with a superior, in-house blend of plastic that makes them as durable as they are sleek. For more information about durometer, click here.

                Are you interested in custom coloring? Budwig can color match any of our rubber feet with your equipment if you’re looking for something beyond our stock colors of black and medium grey. Custom color options are excellent for anyone looking to keep a consistent look on their items without compromising on quality. We’ve run a spectrum of colors—including clear—for our clients over the past 55+ years in business  and would love to explore your options with our capabilities at your earliest convenience. We’re available by phone and email to respond to your questions and look forward to hearing from you soon! Make sure to read what others are saying about us here.