Wyrmwood Uses Our Product SF6-1T

Dungeons & Dragons is an iconic role-playing game that combines customizable characters and improvisation with a fantasy story line. The narrative is driven forward by the Dungeon Master (moderator/referee) and players use dice rolls to navigate through movement and action. First published in 1974, Dungeons & Dragons (commonly referred to as “D&D”) is an incredibly creative and open-ended tabletop game, which consequently, has amassed a devout global following over the years and continues to remain a staple of popular culture.

The expansive nature of the game coupled with the devotion from its loyal fan base spawned an entire market of specialized gaming tables, trays, and dice to forge a more immersive experience. Wyrmwood is a gaming supplier that brings extravagant craftsmanship to the field. Their dice vaults, towers, and reversible tables are available in a spectrum of elegant woods and textures, including but not limited to: gemstone, black poisonwood, Bolivian rosewood, and spalted tamarind. Wyrmwood has gone above-and-beyond with their innovative designs by offering customizations like handcrafted cup holders, surface overlays, and a lift mechanism to adjust table height.

And when Wyrmwood needs proper security for these elegant accessories, they use Budwig rubber bumpers. With over 55 years in the industry, Budwig Molded Products is the go-to source for high quality feet with non-marking qualities. We insert a steel support bushing into our pieces to prevent screws from tearing into the through-hole and our proprietary blend of thermoplastic rubber makes our feet smooth and durable. One of our newest parts, the SF6-1T, is currently being used on Wyrmwood’s dice trays and towers. We were able to provide off-the-shelf shipping and fast lead times for subsequent orders. Budwig invites you to experience our Made-In-USA quality firsthand, so be sure to ask us about our free samples.