Remaining Open for Business During COVID-19

molded-rubber-bumper-feetThe emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted health, economics, and infrastructure on a global scale. Everyone has been impacted by the virus in one way or another which is why we feel it necessary to reach out during such a crucial time. Please be advised that Budwig Molded Products will remain operational until further notice. However, we have reduced our in-house staff to essential personnel only and have quickly adapted to necessary sanitation measures like regularly disinfecting equipment, wearing facemasks at all times, and most importantly, maintaining social distancing.

          As such, our production is running on schedule and as long as we still have couriers to ship our parts, business will continue to run as normal as possible. Please be advised that due to rush shipments and high-quantity orders, lead times could be longer for certain parts. Even so, we are working diligently to keep our shelves fully stocked to provide fast delivery. Though we’ve (understandably) had customers postpone and cancel orders, we remain dedicated to those who need our rubber bumpers for their crucial applications.

          We understand this is an incredibly difficult time. Public health is of the utmost importance and we want you to know that Budwig is taking all the necessary precautions to keep both our employees and customers safe. Having been in business over 50 years, we have weathered some turbulent times. Even during the current crisis we have been fortunate to keep our lights on and will continue to deliver the highest quality products on the market. We hope for the safety and recovery of everyone affected by the pandemic and look forward to better times ahead. Thank you.