Rubber Feet for Electronics – Santoprene

Rubber Feet for Electronics - SantopreneElectronics have grown to become one of the most vital components of the modern age. Because of this, consumers want products they know will be both technically proficient and durable. To secure the sturdiness of your electronics, review Budwig’s molded feet to find a product that will fit your device.

Our feet are injection-molded with thermoplastic rubber to prevent nicks and scratches as well as reduce impacts and vibrations to enhance the longevity of your electronics. If avoiding external breaks and internal rattling hardware is your plan-of-action, then choosing Budwig’s rubber feet is the optimal solution.

If you don’t find what you need from our existing product line, we can use your design or we will custom design one for you. Along with our other products we keep over two million pieces of inventory to provide off-the-shelf delivery. We will be happy to send you free samples to test or compare. We believe you will find our products to be an excellent balance of quality, performance and price.