A Bumper Feet Company that has Stood the Test of Time

Square Rubber BumpersEstablishing a strong relationship with a vendor takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. There will always be hiccups in the beginning as you both learn each other’s processes and expectations. Eventually though, if you find a high quality vendor, that company will take a huge burden off your shoulders by smoothly and reliably handling a specific need for your company. The best vendors are those that operate like a well-oiled machine – so much so that you don’t ever have to worry that your order won’t arrive on time or be the quality you expect.

At Budwig Molded Products, we have been manufacturing bumper feet since 1965, and we’re still going strong in our factory in beautiful San Diego. If you’ve ever had a vendor go out of business on you, then you know how frustrating, disruptive, and expensive it can be to have to scramble to find another vendor and train them up to your standards. You never have to worry about Budwig leaving you hanging.

We plan to be here another 50 years or more! If you need a reliable, high quality source of bumper feet, please let us compete for your business!