Rubber Bumpers & Plastic Feet on Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliance Rubber BumpersKitchenware is one of the most common staples of any home or office. However, if there isn’t any proper bottom support, appliances will drag across counter tops and surfaces marking them and collecting residue.

Fortunately, Budwig’s rubber bumpers are engineered to withstand impact, dragging, and pressure to reinforce your product’s sturdiness. 100% of our parts must pass a series of inspections before being shipped and are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Cheap rubber feet can crack and smash under minimal amounts of tension but Budwig Molded Products are designed to properly resist the vibrations of a high-powered blender or heat from a toaster oven.

Our product line includes: Rubber feet, collapsible tilt stands, cable straps, antenna connectors and insulators used by ham radio operators to build di-pole antennas.

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