Collapsible Tilt Stands

In addition to our comprehensive line of recessed rubber bumpers, Budwig also sells cable straps and tilt stands. These collapsible tilt stands make perfect accessories for ham radios and any other small cabinets that need mounting. Our process first begins by bending the wires in-house. The bent wires are then sent out for thorough epoxy-coating, and once they return to our warehouse, are fitted with neoprene rubber bumpers.

The feet are easily attachable and can be ordered without rear bumpers (MF6-1T) if necessary. Our goal is to provide maximum support with non-marking qualities so consider our collapsible tilt stands next time you’re browsing through Budwig’s catalog; we have 12 different sizes to choose from!

We offer around-the-clock support to all of our customers and work hard to make sure the products maintain our Made-In-USA stamp of approval. Budwig’s shelves are stocked with inventory to cut down lead times, often allowing for same-day shipping depending on time and quantity of order. Don’t just take our word for it, read what others are saying about us here. Budwig has been in business well over 50 years because of our commitment to high quality materials and customer satisfaction. Find out today how an order from Budwig can benefit your next venture.

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