Rubber Bumpers Keeps Farm Equipment Technology Functioning

We rely on farmers & their equipment for our food supply. Choosing reliable rubber bumpers for farm equipment keeps the technology functioning, allowing farmers to focus productivity rather than repairs.

Budwig’s Made-In-USA promise means that you receive parts that are created and assembled in the United States.

As the original equipment manufacturer, we go to great lengths to keep our process American-made, and often times it can be a hassle. However we are committed to the end user’s satisfaction and only ship parts that pass our detailed inspection.

Budwig Company, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of quality thermoplastic rubber bumpers, recessed bumpers and plastic bumpers. Our rubber bumpers provide excellent traction, exceptional shock absorption, superb resistance to stress cracking and unlike natural rubber have superior non-marking qualities as well. All Budwig rubber bumpers are available in basic grey and black but can be produced in different custom made colors based on your requirements.

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