Thermoplastic Rubber for Boats, Microwaves and Other Electronics

One of Budwig Company’s second smallest parts is Budwig Part # TF4T .  It is made out of thermoplastic rubber and in stock in black, medium gray, and white it can be used in many applications such as boats, microwaves and other electronic equipment.  The TF4T part accommodates a #4 screw with the steel support bushing.  The steel support bushing protects the full fastener load and prevents screws from tearing through the rubber.

With the different available colors it can provide non-marking options for your products needs.  The boating industry has used this part in white for different areas of boats.  In marine environments it is recommended to be used without the steel support bushing to prevent rusting.  Instead use a stainless steel washer and screw to mount to provide the needed support and protection.

Test out Budwig s TF4T part today and compare to other parts on the market.  We’re sure you will find the quality and strength of this part to fit in with your application needs.  Custom options are available such as softer durometers and many other colors.

Free samples are available by calling our staff at 858-549-5050.