Square Feet


Like all of the products in our catalog, Budwig’s square feet are available in many sizes and varying hardness to fit whatever merchandise that needs protection and mark resistance. Similar to rectangular feet, Budwig Company’s square feet are angled to streamline sharp corners on machines or devices. With continuous temperature…

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Rectangle Feet

IMG_4029 v2

Rectangular feet are just one of Budwig Company’s various products. Because their shape offers a longer length, they are the only parts in our catalog that utilize a second eyelet in its support bushing. This feature allows for double the screws and rivets inserted through the feet to adjust for…

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Furniture Rubber Feet


Furniture is a mainstay of any home or office and provides comfort, practicality, or both. However if it doesn’t have proper bottom-end support, couches, bed frames, tables, and cabinets will quickly deteriorate. While it can be tempting to cut costs on the underbelly of your movables, it often times hurts…

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