We Can Provide Weight Capacity Recommendations For Your Bumper Feet

How Much Weight the Rubber Feet can supportTwo of the primary jobs of rubber bumper feet are to protect your product and to protect sensitive surfaces from a scratch, crack, or dent from your product. That means the bumper feet must be strong enough to hold up your product and to maintain integrity if your product is dropped or placed on a surface.

How can you ensure that the bumper feet you design and order for your product will be strong enough to protect your product through its lifecycle? A lot depends on the size, weight, and normal usage of your product as well as the environment the product is within and how many bumper feet will be on the product.

Fortunately, you don’t need to try and figure these things out alone. Call us as Budwig Molded Products, and our knowledgeable associates can help establish weight capacity recommendations for your product. We can also consult on determining the right type of bumper feet to use. Call us today at (858) 549-5050.