Using Rubber Bumpers on Bedroom Furniture

non-scratch-furniture-feetEven the finest furniture will degrade faster if held up by shoddy rubber bumpers. For a recessed, low-profile rubber foot, consider one of Budwig’s various molded products. We’ve served as a leading manufacturer of bumpers for over 50 years because our high-quality parts speak for themselves.

Budwig Company, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of quality thermoplastic rubber bumpers, recessed bumpers and plastic bumpers. Our rubber bumpers provide excellent traction, exceptional shock absorption, superb resistance to stress cracking and unlike natural rubber have superior non-marking qualities as well. All Budwig rubber bumpers are available in basic grey and black but can be produced in different custom made colors based on your requirements.

As the original manufacturer, we feature an inclusive line of rubber feet offered in a number of sizes, colors, and hardness. Even if something isn’t quite up to your specifications, we’re capable of custom-designing one for you. Additionally, small quantities of samples are available for testing upon request.

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