The Drop – You Know It’s Going to Happen

The Drop – You Know It’s Going to HappenEeeek! That’s the sound your customers are going to make as they helplessly watch their expensive electronic device tumble to the hard, unforgiving ground. That’s because we humans are hopeless droppers. We drop everything, even our most precious, beloved, and sensitive devices. Just think about how many expensive iPhones have tumbled off breakfast tables, hit parking lot gravel, and made the deadly plunge into the toilet.

If you are a device manufacturer, it’s not a question of if your customers are going to accidentally drop your product, it’s a question of when. That means you have to be ready. Adding rubber bumper feet to your device can be an excellent precaution against the inevitable drop your device will have to suffer. Rubber bumper feet can absorb the shock of impact and help prevent the sensitive chips and components within your product from impacting the ground. Unfortunately, we can’t help you toilet drops!

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