Rubber Bumper Feet That Can Survive the Great Outdoors

These days, our devices come with us wherever we go, whether that means the hot desert or the icy tundra. That means that these devices, and all of their component parts, have to work even under the duress of long-term exposure to the elements. If you are looking for robust rubber bumper feet that can stand up to Mother Nature, then look no further than Budwig Molded Products.

Our bumper feet are made from thermoplastic rubber that is designed to resist the effects of ozone, aging, and a variety of chemicals. These rubber bumper feet also resist cracking. Let us know how hardy your bumper feet need to be, and we can work with you to design the right kind of rubber bumper feet for your product. We may also be able to use Polyethylene or Polypropylene rubber for certain orders.

We can’t help you keep your circuits running during a blizzard, but we can ensure that the rubber bumper feet on your device will hold up even to the worst weather! Call us today.