Retail Equipment Stays Stable with Rubber Bumpers

Don’t let your retail hardware go another day without proper support. The right rubber bumpers can extend the life of your units, so consult Budwig’s high-quality product line. Our rubber feet are built-to-last and backed by our reputable customer support team.

The inserted steel support bushing is an extra layer of strength that prevents any screws from ripping into the foot. However while this eyelet is standard, we do offer separate pricing for those who want to order without them. Since retail is a demanding business, our recessed rubber bumpers will keep up with the bumps and vibrations these units will encounter.

Our product line includes: Rubber feet, collapsible tilt stands, cable straps, antenna connectors and insulators used by ham radio operators to build di-pole antennas. When it comes to Plastic Feet and Rubber Bumpers, no other company offers higher quality bumpers at affordable prices as offered by Budwig and is a premier manufacturer of Rubber Bumpers also known as Bumper Feet.

Although most of our products were developed for the electronics industry they are used extensively in various other applications and industries. Budwig bumpers (feet) are manufactured by using ‘Santoprene’ thermoplastic rubber.

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