Manufacture Drawers and Cabinets That Close with a Sigh

rubberbumpers-squareIf you manufacture kitchen drawers and/or cabinets, you probably spend a substantial amount of your day considering all the myriad design possibilities, materials, sizing, and capabilities of your new products in production. …But what sound does your new drawer or cabinet make when closes?

In the world of cabinet and drawer design, you don’t want to close with a Bang! A bang means your beautiful drawer or cabinet is impacting the frame too hard, which could eventually damage the drawer, cabinet, and frame. Think about how displeased a homeowner would be if they swing a cabinet closed and it bangs loudly every time?

The solution to this problem is simple and easy. You just need to add small rubber bumpers to your drawer or cabinet. The rubber bumpers will absorb the impact and the noise, increasing the life of your cabinet or drawer and making for a much quieter and relaxing household for your customers.

Contact Budwig Molded Products today. We can quickly and reliably manufacture large orders of rubber bumpers, so you can get your cabinets and drawers to market!