Lose the Dangerous Slip and Slide With Rubber Feet

When you were a kid, did you ever gather your courage and throw yourself down a wet Slip ‘N Slide? If you hit it just right, it Grey Rubber Feetwas a great ride, sending you cruising down the slick runway across your lawn. Slip ‘N Slides are great for kids (as long as you don’t belly flop or hit a rock!), but they definitely aren’t good for sensitive electronic devices. Yet, how often do phones, laptops, tablets, and other equipment slide off of tables, counters, and dashboards and smash unceremoniously to the ground?

You can help your devices stay upright and stick to surfaces almost as well as Spiderman by making a small and inexpensive addition to your product. Consider adding rubber feet to the bottom of your product. At Budwig Molded Products, we offer square rubber feet in a variety of sizes and colors that provide strong traction for your device. Of course, in the event of a tornado or massive earthquake, we can’t make any promises, but on a regular flat surface, your devices won’t be going anywhere.

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