Is It Time for Warehouse Spring Cleaning?

IMG_4029 v2Have you been purposefully avoiding your garage or basement lately due to the piles and piles of boxes, junk, and memorabilia crowding every square inch? Yep, then it’s definitely time for some spring cleaning. Don’t just stop with your house. Businesses can also slowly accumulate lots of junk. Maybe your cabinets are filled with brochures, or your warehouse is groaning with old parts to products that are no longer on the market.

We know it’s a lot of work, but clear a day on your calendar, put on some enjoyable music, and give your office and warehouse a really good spring cleaning. This is also the perfect time to do an inventory and to put in new parts orders or anything that is running low. Hopefully, after you’ve filled trash bags and dumpsters with all the stuff that’s been clogging your shelves, you’ll have extra space for new inventory. This could actually lead to money savings, since many parts manufacturers will provide discounts for larger orders.

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