Identification Codes for Rubber Bumpers

If you’ve ever needed clarification on our full part numbers, look no further. Our technical page offers an easy-to-follow code as well as additional CAD drawings. In short, the first letters indicate whether a foot is tall (TF), short (SF), medium (MF), square (SQF), or rectangle (RF), while the number following immediately after specifies the screw diameter (SQF10T-) followed by a hyphen.

The middle sequence (TPR87-) indicates the material and hardness: TPR stands for thermoplastic rubber, PP stands for polypropylene, PE stands for polyethylene, and the subsequent number indicates the hardness on either a Shore A or Shore D scale. The final letter(s) determine the color: B for black, MG for medium grey, etc. Because Budwig’s parts are subject to so many variables, we intentionally leave the part numbers incomplete on our catalog.

If you want to find out how your products can benefit from Budwig’s recessed rubber bumpers, give us a call or shoot us an email! We stock over one million pieces of merchandise in our warehouse to provide you with the most diverse selection of molded products.