F-Series Rubber Bumpers are Used for Heavy-Duty Applications

With over 50 years servicing the industry, Budwig Molded Products has become a leading manufacturer of premium rubber bumpers. We make over 40 different parts to and keep our shelves stocked with more than a million pieces of inventory to keep lead times low. Everything we ship from our building is made in our warehouse which means you only receive parts that pass our careful inspection. While many of our orders come from small parts, our bigger feet are also worth consideration. Specifically, the F-060 is a large rubber bumper that accepts a #10 truss head screw.

Budwig’s line of F-Series rubber feet are the largest parts available to order. Primarily designed for furniture, these bumpers have high tolerances and provide more clearance which makes them ideal for heavy-duty applications. Our proprietary blend of thermoplastic rubber guarantees non-marking qualities and complete resistance to cracking, crumbling, and sinking. The F-060 is typically injection-molded with our standard durometer (87 in a Shore A scale) and stock color (black). However if you need more particular features, be sure to ask about our custom capabilities like matching color and harder or softer durometers.

At the end of the day, placing an order with Budwig helps keep American businesses afloat. We continue to go to great lengths to maintain our high quality control, which combines ethically-sourced and –manufactured materials with around-the-clock customer care. Rather than cut corners to compromise our product’s integrity, Budwig prefers to leave the end user satisfied with a durable goods. Don’t just take our word for it, read what others are saying about us here! We offer limited quantities of free samples in the continental US and can ship international samples with UPS or FedEx. We offer super fast shipping and will work with you to find the best solutions. Call or email us today to see how Budwig can benefit your next project!