The Impact of Rubber Bumpers on Sound


Amidst the numerous practical applications for bumpers is sound. Installing Budwig’s recessed rubber bumpers on your products will prevent the loud impact of wood, plastic, or metal on other surfaces. The parts are created from thermoplastic rubber that is designed to smoothly resist impact in addition to reducing marking and…

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Collapsible Tilt Stands

Injection Molded Cable Straps

In addition to our comprehensive line of recessed rubber bumpers, Budwig also sells cable straps and tilt stands. These collapsible tilt stands make perfect accessories for ham radios and any other small cabinets that need mounting. Our process first begins by bending the wires in-house. The bent wires are then…

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Our Small Rubber Bumper Feet

Square Rubber Bumpers

Budwig is a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic rubber feet and has reliably serviced the industry for over 55 years. The company was originally formed by Gilbert Budwig with an emphasis on combining superior products with excellent customer service. We have proudly carried those ideals well into the 21st century and…

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