We Can Custom Design Your Rubber Bumpers

Misc Rubber BumpersDo you need rubber bumpers to complete the design of your electronic device or other product? Then Budwig Molded Products is the right company for you. We use Monsanto’s specialized Santoprene thermoplastic rubber to create durable, high-quality rubber bumpers for our clients. We have standard stock bumper feet in a few color and size choices, but for large orders, we can customize your rubber bumpers just for you.


Our rubber bumpers come in black and grey, but we know that not every product is black or grey. If you want, bright, colorful rubber bumpers to match the hues of your product, we can specially produce bumper feet in a variety of colors.


To make surer our rubber bumpers are the perfect fit for your product, big or small, we provide round bumpers in 30 different sizes from a height of .25” with a .67” diameter to 2.25” height and 1.67” diameter.


Our stock bumper feet come in a hardness of 87 Shore A on the Durometer Shore scale, but we can manufacture rubber bumpers as soft as 64A or as hard as 50D depending on the needs of your product.

Contact us today to so we can help you customize your rubber bumpers for your needs.