Using Thermoplastic Rubber Bumper Feet on all BlowHard Company Products

Blowhard Rubber Bumper FeetThe BlowHard Company is a leading manufacturer of Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) fans. Aimed at improving the effectiveness of firefighters, these heavy-duty fans use durable, integrated batteries for lengthy cycle times and efficient charging. BlowHard has used their research in volumetric airflow to give their fans superior ventilation with an ergonomic design. These units can be quickly deployed and require minimal maintenance. Based in western Oregon, BlowHard has a passion for serving their global community by prioritizing quality and performance.

As it turns out, BlowHard fans are field-tested to the extreme. After building their prototype:

“We drop them on concrete, on unlevel surfaces at different angles. We throw them around. We try to break what we’ve built. And, we succeed. Everything can be broken. But when it takes a serious commitment and effort to breaking our product, when it’s difficult to achieve, we check it off.”

That’s the sort of dedication to excellence that keeps American manufacturing strong. And when BlowHard needs the kind of rubber bumpers to match their durability, they use Budwig feet.

Rubber Bumper Feet on Blowhard FansOur recessed bumpers are synthesized with a proprietary blend of thermoplastic rubber that supports the intense demands of BlowHard fans. We source premium materials to ensure our feet will last through the life of your product. Budwig rubber bumpers are backed by our satisfaction guarantee and around-the-clock customer care. Don’t let another one of your units go unprotected without Budwig feet. You can buy directly through us or see our authorized distributors here.

When it comes to Plastic Feet and Rubber Bumpers, no other company offers higher quality bumpers at affordable prices as offered by Budwig and is a premier manufacturer of Rubber Bumpers also known as Bumper Feet. Although most of our products were developed for the electronics industry they are used extensively in various other applications and industries. Budwig bumpers (feet) are manufactured by using ‘Santoprene’ thermoplastic rubber.

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