Thermosets and Thermoplastics

Round Rubber FeetThermosets and Thermoplastics are polymers.  A polymer is a chain of units of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and/or silicon.  Natural polymers which appear in nature are, tree saps that produce amber, tar, shellac, and even animal horns.

The main difference between thermoset and thermoplastic based products is that thermoset products are rigid whereas thermoplastic products are flexible.  The flexibility of thermoplastic polymers makes it a better choice for products which will be exposed to environments with fluctuating temperatures and moisture because they shrink and contract rather than cracking.  Another significant advantage of thermoplastics is that thermoplastic products can be melted down and shaped into new forms (i.e. recycled).  Thermosets on the other hand can’t be reheated because reheating causes thermosets to scorch.

Molded from “Thermoplastic Rubber”, Budwig recessed bumpers provide good traction and excellent shock absorbing qualities; unlike natural rubber they have good non-marking qualities and outstanding resistance to stress cracking.  Call us for a QUOTE today!  We Sell Direct!  (858) 549-5050