Rubber Bumpers in Patio Furnishings

Rubber Bumpers in Patio FurnishingsWith spring and summer approaching in the near future, your patio furniture shouldn’t fall victim to subpar rubber bumpers. And when your rubber feet aren’t holding up, the rest of your furniture suffers. Fortunately, Budwig’s Made-In-USA promise means that you receive parts that are manufactured and assembled with only high-quality components.

Our blend of thermoplastic rubber is mixed with UV additives that make them excellent candidates for outdoor settings. Furthermore, the inserted steel support bushing is treated with ozone-resistant additives to improve their durability. For over 50 years, Budwig has been committed to providing superior rubber bumpers at competitive pricing. We’re available by phone or email to discuss samples, questions, or concerns.

Rubber Feet, we injection mold them in over thirty sizes. We mold other materials but thermoplastic rubber feet has become our first choice. We stock them in black and medium grey and offer optional colors and hardness. View all Rubber Feet molded products, Round, Square, Rectangular – in any color available from Budwig.

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