Rubber Bumper Feet that Withstand Cracking

Budwig-Rubber-FeetIs your product meant to stay outside for long periods of time? Then you need to make sure that every single component that makes up your product can withstand the trials and tribulations of Mother Nature. That could include sizzling 100-degree temperatures, artic sub-zero temps, massive rainstorms, hail, even dust storms and sand storms.

At Budwig Molded Products, we have made sure that our rubber bumper feet can withstand the elements. Our bumper feet are made of resilient thermoplastic rubber that can resist stress cracking, and even a pummeling by ozone and many chemicals. In other words, these guys are built to last.

Give us a call today and let us know about your specific needs. Our bumper feet come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. We can also adapt the hardness of the bumper feet to meet the demands of your product. Our rubber bumper feet can be as tough and long-lasting as your product!