Pool Equipment Rubber Bumpers

Pool Equipment Rubber BumpersBudwig Company has spent over 50 years developing a sizeable catalog of USA-quality recessed rubber bumpers. Our feet have been used to anchor a wide array of products which continue to find their uses everywhere.

Recently, Budwig’s grey SF10-2Ts were installed in the Orca Stingray: a state-of-the-art video camera training system for competitive swim athletes. The bumpers were installed under the machine’s tracks to prevent the railing as well as the tile underneath from being marked or damaged. “

The product worked perfectly for our application and Budwig produced on-time delivery. Great company to work with,” Orca commented. Because of the Stingray’s proximity to water, the feet were sold without eyelets; an option that’s available with any order. Call or email one of our representatives today to discuss how Budwig’s rubber bumpers can secure your products.