Personalized Rubber Feet, Sized to Your Needs

Custom Rubber FeetChoice is almost always a good thing, especially when you need to find a component to fit your product design. Whether you are building an electronic device, a piece of furniture, or some other modern convenience, design matters. You don’t want components that are too small or too large to ruin the smooth dimensions of your product, or worse, hurt its usability.

That’s why, at Budwig Molded Products, we offer rubber bumpers and rubber bumper feet in 30 different sizes. With so many size options, you are sure to find exactly the right size for your product, whether you need teeny tiny rubber feet or extra, extra large bumper feet. We also offer them in three different shapes: round, square, or rectangle, so you can have even more control over the final look and feel of your product.

Contact us today to discuss your particular needs. Our experts can help guide you to the correct sized bumper feet for your project. We are also happy to provide you with free samples, so you can test our rubber feet for yourself.