Having the Right Rubber Bumper Feet for Your Radio Receiver

Radio technology as we understand it has roots dating back to the late 19th century. The idea of transmitting electromagnetic waves through free spaceexpanded by the likes of Maxwell, Hertz, and Teslahas grown from fledgling scientific hypotheses to commonplace components of space, maritime, and robotic operations. Nowadays, radio technology has become so accessible that between transportation and communication, radio functions are found everywhere. From our most basic forms of entertainment to critical transmissions, radio quickly advanced to meet society’s ever-growing needs.

Specifically, radio receivers and transceivers service a multitude of applications. Basic radios continue to sustain an abundant source of recreational use which includes message exchange as well as contests and conventions for frequency enthusiasts. Some of the more modernized units house integrated high-processing computers, feature digital transmission options, and operate higher functions at lower power demands. But in order to sustain a long life, all of these devices require proper rubber bumpers to keep their machinery safe.

Applying the right kind of rubber feet is crucial because even sturdy structures are susceptible to damage. Substandard bumpers are made from a second-rate process, which means that sooner rather than later, they will crumble, mark, and lose their balance leaving your radio equipment vulnerable to the types of impacts and vibrations that can rattle internal hardware. Instead, secure your device properly with Made-In-USA Budwig bumpers. Our thermoplastic feet are synthesized with top-grade materials and outfitted with steel support bushings that will last with the life of your products. All of our manufacturing and assembly is handled domestically in order to maintain the high standard of industry quality we are known for.

For some, rubber bumpers might not seem important when cheap parts are so readily available. However, if maintaining your product integrity and keeping your end-user satisfied are vital factors, consider anchoring your radio equipment with properly fitted Budwig feet. Our easy-to-install bumpers will ensure safety.