We Don’t Just Manufacture Rubber Bumpers

Square Rubber BumpersAt Budwig Molded Products, our signature products are our various types of rubber bumper feet (including round bumper feet and square bumper feet). While rubber bumper feet make up the majority of our orders, we offer several other products too, including cable straps, and collapsible tilt stands. One of the most unique products we manufacture and sell is antenna connectors and insulators for ham radios.

Even though the vast majority of people in the western world have constant access to each other through cell phones and the internet, the ham radio community lives on. This fun hobby is a great way to learn about radio technology, and it may even come in handy in the event that something like a natural disaster takes down satellite and cellular services.

At Budwig, we support the ham radio community and continue to manufacture our Budwig HQ-1 Antenna Connector. For more information on this product, or to place an order, call us today at (858) 549-5050.